Hi, my name is Emma Hart, and I have a little passenger living inside my brain. His name is Adric, and he’s a meningioma – a benign form of brain tumor. I actually had the little bastard removed surgically five years ago, but he’s come back, and this time it’s radiological. Starting in January 2015, I’ll be having five weeks of daily radiotherapy. Given I have underlying fatigue issues, I’m looking at up to three months where I can’t work.

So while I’m curled up on the couch vomiting rather than freelance-writing or columning at Public Address (or spending all day tooling about on Twitter), this will be my presence. If you have enjoyed my presence, maybe chuck a couple of dollarsĀ in my donation bucket. Tell your friends. Link.

If you are a journalist or a reviewer, get in touch. I always say this, mostly because these are people I love “having a quiet beer” with, but if you do it now I may send you an advance copy of the book. If we do an interview, I will still want to buy you a beer, but it’ll have to be after I stop puking.